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November 2017 Members' Meeting

A very good evening, with Grant Pettigrew discussing the Dundee Bikeability scheme, Suzanne Forup discussing WalkCycleVote, Donald Baddon reporting back from the Scottish Cycling Conference, and much else. See the meeting notes for details.

Consultation on cycle route through the docks

Dundee City Council are conducting a consultation about plans to "change and improve" the cycle route through the docks. Have your say here:

Major Diversions on the Riverside Cycle Path

There are two major diversions taking place along the Riverside Cycle (and Pedestrian) path through the spring, summer and autumn.

The path is already competely closed between the railway bridge and Tesco for flood defence works. Later it will move along, continuing the disruption. It must be said that they are treating the path as the serious transport route it is, with plenty of warning signs over the past few weeks and now the diversion signs are pretty clear.

But we feel that the diversion needs improving:

  • The toucan crossings need to respond much more quickly. They are so slow to change that they make it much more likely that someone will tire of waiting and will dash out in front of a car.
  • The idea is for cyclists to use the pavement to between Riverside and Magdalen Green, but it is too narrow to be shared by cyclists and pedestrians. It would be better to suspend car parking and use the space that is freed up into a cycle path or lanes.
  • As we all know, the lift on the Tesco bridge is very unreliable. Especially during this diversion, the council need to pay special care to ensure that when the lift breaks down then it is repaired urgently.

Cyclofun 2017

Four Fife Rotary Clubs have combined to organise this family cycle ride around Tentsmuir Forest on Sunday 28th May 2017. First run in 2015, the event aims to provide family fun and so encourage healthy activity through cycling proficiency and safety.

Bring a picnic and have a fun day in the forest!

This is a fun event for all ages in a safe off-road environment using Tayport Football Club as the base for car parking and facilities (toilets, picnic area, test tracks, displays, etc). Adequate car parking is available at and around the football ground. If you have difficulty transporting cycles to this location please visit the event website to find out about cycle transportation from selected points in Fife (this will require pre-booking)

From the base, 5 or 8 mile loops take riders along the coastal path and into Tentsmuir Forest before returning to base. All the routes follow flat, easy to ride cycle tracks that are well marshalled and signposted. A much shorter route of 1 to 2 miles may be used by families with younger children. It is expected that riders will be in family groups with a responsible adult in charge of the group at all times. Children will not be allowed to start the event unless accompanied by an adult. However, if a parent is unable to accompany their child, alternative arrangements may be made for a group ride with a trained cycle leader. If this is required please visit the event website to make the appropriate arrangement

In addition to displays and stands, at the football ground this year there will be a cycling proficiency and skills course. Depending on availability a number of bicycles will also be available for hire for use on this course, and possibly for use in the forest itself.

Entry to the base at the football club is free. Entry to the Cyclofun ride is £2/each for participants up to and including primary school age. Older children and adults are charged £3/each entry. This covers organisational costs and every participant will receive a commemorative medal. Application Forms are available from this link.

City Centre Cycling Audit March 2017

Several of us spent our Sunday morning surveying the city centre with a cyclist's eye, looking for simple improvements that would make life better for cyclists and would-be cyclists. What we expected would take a couple of hours turned into more than double that. Thank you to Henry's Coffee Shop in City Square who put up with us spreading our map across several tables while we collated our findings. We came up with a long list!

You can see our initial report here. The things we found fell mainly into two categories. There are several simple fixes that would make cycling easier, such as connecting up routes that are currently blocked by No Entry signs or unsuitable junctions. Also, the city centre is full of signs saying "Pedestrian Zone" when actually it is only motor vehicles that are prohibited; these not only confuse cyclists but also annoy pedestrians unnecessarily because they think cyclists are riding where they shouldn't.

The next steps include making sure the Council act on our findings. So far, things have gone backwards - the tarmac ramp that connected Nethergate to High Street has gone and been replaced not by dropped kerbs but by normal kerbs. This is both inconvenient for cyclists and gives the wrong impression to pedestrians and motorists that the junction is closed at that point. Your thoughts are very welcome - see the contact links at the top of this page!